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I didn`t feel like reading the reviews to see if they were answered, but how old do you have to be to buy a knife? And if you have a butterfly knife with a 4-inch blade, is it legal to wear it or not? Is it legal to buy a switch blade larger than 1.5 inches and carry it home in ct? In Connecticut, you can own any knife that includes Karambit. You can carry any type of knife, except stiletto heels and automatic knives, with a blade length of less than 4 inches. It has already been mentioned that Connecticut`s knife laws focus the most on blade size. Thus, all knives over 4 inches are illegal to carry. On the other hand, switching blades and automatic knives larger than 1.5 inches are illegal The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in State of Connecticut v. DeCiccio, 105 A3d 165 (2014) that Dirk-Messer arms under the 2. Amendment to the United States Constitution. In other words, Dirks are not dangerous and unusual weapons and, as such, restrictions are limited accordingly. The statement discusses Dirks` similarity to military knives such as the USMC Ka-Bar, the US Navy Issue M-2 and the M-3 “Trench Knife”. It also contains an excellent approach to this topic and offers a strong statement against the stigmatization of dirks and daggers. This article is poorly written.

“Weapon” refers to the definition of dangerous weapons NOT knives under 4″ Code 29-38 says about the penalty for carrying illegal weapons/knives in a vehicle, you said that stiletto heels are illegal to wear, and then you said that any stiletto above 1.5 inch cannot be worn If it is outside of that, then it is legal to wear, there is no longer an exception for holders of the Convention on Certain Conventional There are some exceptions where you can still carry a knife, even if it is both dangerous and illegal. You can inquire about these laws in the codes (53.206 & 29-38). You are absolutely right. A blade of 4″ is illegal. A 3.9999999″ is one. I wonder if they wrote it on purpose. It is very easy to think after reading the law, a blade of 4″ is the legal maximum. But this is not the case. This is the length of time it becomes illegal. Good point There is no ban on hiding a knife in Connecticut.

On the contrary, it is more punishable if someone carries an illegal knife on their body. The convicted person or person expires immediately. The knives we can carry, which are less than 4 inches high, can or cannot be stored in a vehicle? What do you mean by “one of these weapons”? What if someone threw a cutlery knife bigger like a pole knife, but a little longer in a backpack? Or in a CT vehicle? How to get knives legally from a store to your home in CT? lol, but seriously, what if I carry a larger cutlery knife in a CT backpack or a car/backpack in Connecticut, there are no knives that are explicitly illegal to own, but there are restrictions on carrying knives. Hi Peter, I live in Connecticut and own a 2.5 inch DART Karambit with Emerson Wave function. Is this knife considered an “automatic” knife and since the blade is 2.5 inches high, is it illegal? I teach Filipino martial arts and many of my employees carry this knife. If you could advise me, it would be greatly appreciated. You can`t carry knives/stars, night sticks, and batons. Section 53-206 prohibits the carrying of a metal or brass knife, a dirk and a blackjack knife and an ankle. Balisong is a type of knife that is typically used for self-defense and is legal to possess in Connecticut. Under Connecticut law, it is illegal to carry a knife with a blade length greater than 4 inches. Among the dozens of knives I own/collect, I choose to “wear” a Ridge Runner neck knife, the “angular” aspect is exactly “3” and is not “double-edged”, which is illegal to wear in CT.

I carry the open knife around my neck instead of carrying/attaching a knife to my belt or bag. I find that this knife and the way to wear it seem to intimidate some people I meet, or at the counter of a store, etc etc. What worries me now is the part above that says “knives that have no other purpose than to sting”. Could you explain that to me in more detail? Although I have never felt the need to use the knife defensively, I carry it because of it. But. I have used it several times to open packages, boxes, etc. In your opinion, do you think that a knife like mine would be considered by a police officer to be one of those who are described as having no other use than to stab? 1) I thought, at least once, that you could carry automatic or CT switched meters with a permit to do so? I remember filling out the form in the 90s or early 2000s, but not submitting it. Although there are restrictions on wearing certain knives, these knives can still be owned in Connecticut. For example, stiletto heels cannot be worn, but they can certainly be owned and stored in your home.

Are Dual Blade Batman knives with two 3-inch blades legal or do I use them as a work knife? I invite your comments. Thank you “Sharp part of the blade with a length of four inches or more” NOT “Some knives cannot be carried (open or hidden): Blades larger than 4 inches are illegal.” It should be read as LESS THAN FOUR inches. You all need to pay more attention to the meaning of “blade” and the meaning of “edge part”. the question of the legal carrying of a knife. The legal length of the knife refers only to the “edge part” or the “sharpened part of a “blade”. The “blade” itself, the total metal part, can be as long as desired. I don`t care. The definition of an actual knife is only the “sharp edge section”.

Nothing else matters under state law. The “blade” itself can be one foot long. if it does not have a sharp edge.. it is not a knife. Rather just a piece of steel or another material. Again. The “edge” itself needs to be sharpened. and it is only that part of the blade that counts according to Connecticut law. I see several statements above that refer to the fact that the “blade” is less than four inches tall. This is both misleading and simply false. So correct yourself. It`s.

the author of the above disinformation. I own two Batman knives with two blades, the two blades on a knife are each 3″ high. My nephew bought me one as a gift and I have had two for several years since then that have worn me. I`m a handyman, so I use them as work knives as they look really cool and are very useful for many tasks where knives are used, like a box cutter, cutting rope, scraper, etc. I wear them in sight and the police have seen them and I have never asked any questions, but I thought I should surely know if they are legal. They can be used as a weapon, but that`s not why I have them. I`m just a Gadjet geek, I just want to make sure I don`t break the law in CT. I would appreciate your answer to that question. Thank you Excellent site, you do a good job of breaking it down, the way you wrote it would make it much easier for people to understand how these knife laws work. However, they made some mistakes.

Bali songs are illegal to wear in Connecticut. Wearing a Bali song is considered the carrying of a dangerous or lethal weapon and is a crime. I know this from experience. [(6) “Lethal weapon” means any loaded or unloaded weapon from which a shot can be fired, or a switching blade knife, gravity knife, billy, blackjack, clubs or metal pegs. The definition of “lethal weapon” in this subdivision does not apply to sections 29 to 38 or 53 to 206;] The state considers Balisongs to be a gravitometer. As always, it is forbidden to carry dangerous weapons and knives on school grounds or in buildings.