Attestation Legale Gratuit

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The legal certificate is a declaration of honor of the newspaper that issues the legal notice and confirms that it will appear on the date indicated. It makes it possible to take the necessary measures with the register immediately, without waiting for the publication of the newspaper. Before registering a company in the Trade and Companies Register, certain measures must be taken. Supporting documents are required to complete the registration dossier. Please check your certificate before downloading it (buttons below). The member company manages its administrative file online by publishing all the certificates and legal documents that it is required to provide to its project owners or contractors. These documents are archived in a secure room and can be shared with all “clients” by easy invitation. The company may also publish the “legal remedy” to be prepared and the response to a call for tenders. These operations are carried out in one go for all its “customers” and for all its construction sites. The company thus gains in security and serenity. ALG launches the Legal Attestation Platform (, a service for collecting and authenticating the administrative documents of contractors, originally specialized in the real estate and construction sectors and now diversified in many sectors. It aims to facilitate relations between customers and suppliers through simplified and confidential management of documents, the creation of a centralized, uniform and complete administrative file and their online exchange via the legal attestation platform.

As a specialized trusted third party, ALG manages the administrative files of 8,000 companies and ensures their distribution to all public and private customers, including Vinci Construction, Bouygues Construction, Fiducial, Nexity. In a pragmatic way, the secure platform allows the collection, storage and authentication of all the administrative documents necessary for the launch of new projects: Kbis, tax certificates, social certificates of vigilance and insurance, certificates of qualification, RIB, balance sheets, transport license, prefectural approval. This set of documents forms the Legal Quitus, an aggregated view of the status of a provider`s documents on the platform. “ALG aims to provide a simple and concrete response to a strong expectation of users who wish to dematerialize their supplier relationships while helping them manage administrative burdens. We play the role of facilitator to calm exchanges, build trust and secure documents,” explains Clémentine Chastan, Customer Experience Manager at ALG. “Reduce their administrative suffering and the risks associated with the execution of contracts, but also help them fight against illegal work and the unfair competition that accompanies it.” It is possible to receive the certificate of publication of the legal notice by e-mail immediately after the confirmation of an order for legal notice, without having to wait for the date of publication of the newspaper. The newspaper then sends a copy of the issue in which the legal announcement appeared. Interested in© this topic? Log in to your account and receive an email informing you that the information on the “Proof Certificate© Template (Form 11527*03)” page will be updated. You will be informed© by email that the “Sample Testimonial© (Form 11527 *03)” page will be significantly updated. This secure platform makes it possible to collect and authenticate all the administrative documents required for contractors and project owners: Kbis, tax certificate, vigilance and insurance, certificates of qualification, RIB, balance sheet, transport license, prefectural permit. The first commissioning on the Legal Attestation platform is free of charge (offer valid until 31.12.2023).

Wait about 3 minutes to complete this certificate. The legal certificate is required for the registration of the company in the Trade and Companies Register. The Official Journal authorised to publish the JAL notice shall issue a certificate of publication before its publication. It must be annexed to the rest of the company`s incorporation file to validate the procedures with the register of the department where the company`s registered office is located. The implementation of the electronic signature at the heart of the legal attestation platform is the result of a business requirement. In fact, companies are required to submit the list of foreign workers authorized to work in the territory in the series of documents that constitute a legal dismissal. This certificate must be regularly updated and signed by the company representative. It is quite natural that the electronic signature has imposed itself on the ALG teams in order to comply with the logic of a 100% dematerialized approach within the legal attestation platform.