Controller Salary by Company Revenue

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The salary centre (or median national salary) for a controller in financial services is $137,500, according to the Salary Guide. The salaries of business accounting controllers can be even higher. The median salary of a business controller is $184,500. (Use the salary guide to find out which controller salaries are typical in your area.) First, to better understand what controllers do and what expectations they typically need to meet, take the time to review some recent controller job postings. You`ll likely find that responsibilities for comptroller roles often include the following: The Bureau of Labor Statistics aggregates controllers with other related financial managers in its salary reports. The May 2011 issue of its Career Outlook Statistics reported a median income of $107,160 for this group. Those in the 25th percentile earned up to $78,330 per year, while those in the 75th percentile reported income of $146,150 or more. For figures that are more closely adapted to the role of the controller, it is necessary to turn to sector inquiries. The Robert Half Salary Guide 2022 lists the role of the controller as one of the hottest jobs in finance and accounting. What can you expect as a controller, provided you have the skills and experience required for the specific position and employer you are targeting? International human resources firm Robert Half Financial and Accounting offers an annual salary survey for careers in finance and accounting. In the 2012 Salary Guide, the annual salary range for business controllers in companies with revenues below $50 million was $81,750 to $106,500.

For companies with annual sales between $50 million and $100 million, the annual salary range ranged from $94,000 to $121,750. In companies with revenues between $100 million and $250 million, controller salaries ranged from $109,000 to $138,750, and in companies with revenues between $250 million and $500 million, the salary range was $125,000 to $162,750. In firms with sales of $500 million or more, salaries ranged from $139,000 to $190,000. The specifics of the controller role may vary from one organization to another, but fundamentally, controllers need to have a solid understanding of a company`s accounting operations and functions. Controllers are considered the advanced technicians in the accounting world, so they must have the skills to evaluate the effectiveness of accounting software, systems, and processes. Many controllers have multiple professional certifications, such as CPA, Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Chartered Management Accountant (CMA). These ranges are national averages for the united States as a whole, but real wages vary from place to place, depending on factors such as the cost of living and supply and demand. To reflect this, the Robert Half Salary Guide provides an adjustment factor for 130 metropolitan areas. For example, a national average salary of $100,000 would equate to $105,500 in Dallas, TX, $141,000 in New York, or $86,500 in Green Bay, WI. The actual salary for a particular position is usually subject to negotiation and may differ from these published figures.

Other qualifications that employers look for in a controller include:. Raw to net experience. If you wish, you can work virtually. REWARD: $160,000 to $200,000 in base salary, plus 20% bonus, stock options, 100% paid. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts employment growth of 9% between 2010 and 2020 for those in its group of CFOs. In his 2012 report, Robert Half lists controllers among the most in-demand positions. The company attributes this in part to business growth as the economy recovers and in part to increased interaction with external auditors and regulators. Auditors who are auditors and hold an MBA are particularly in demand.

The report also notes that competition for top talent is intensifying, with some companies offering a variety of incentives and benefits in addition to the base salary. For any business, a clear and accurate understanding of its financial situation is absolutely crucial. The head of the company is the person who communicates the data between the administrative “pea counters” in accounting and the decision-makers of the management. Controllers also prepare a variety of financial reports for external auditors and regulators, as required. It is a very responsible position and one that is bearing fruit. The position of financial controller or auditor involves leading the financial services of a company. These departments may include the Accounting Department, the Budget Department, the Audit Department, and any other department related to finance. Financial controllers have many responsibilities, such as preparing critical financial reports, income statements, balance sheets and financial prospectuses. You should also create reports that predict a company`s financial performance.

Read more A controller oversees a company`s day-to-day accounting operations, including Accounting, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. The controller also helps guide a company`s strategic financial decisions and is therefore an essential part of the company`s financial health. If you aspire to this role, you should research the controller`s salaries, skills, and responsibilities in order to be well prepared to compete for this leadership position. Keep in mind that many employers also offer bonuses and other incentives to accounting and financial executives such as controllers. Depending on the organization you are applying to and trends in your local labour market, you may receive compensation above the median national salary for the controller position. Personnel management tasks are also often part of the controller`s job. And in some companies, a controller may be the only accountant in the organization. Candidates for controller positions must have at least a bachelor`s degree in accounting or economics, but preferably an MBA.

As a general rule, you should have at least seven years of experience in the field of accounting, and often some experience in public accounting is required. Or NetSuite CPA supervision experience What does this bring you $120,000 – $140,000/year Medical Vision Dental 401k Monthly Phone Allowance. Fred Decker is a qualified chef and certified food safety trainer. Decker has written for the Saint John, New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, and has been published in Canada`s Hospitality and Foodservice Magazine. He has held positions in computer, insurance and mutual fund sales, and was educated at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. strong COMPENSATION SUMMARY / strong br / br / high $ 55-$ 75 per hour Correspondent / strong br / br / br / qualifications:. Job DescriptionDuration: 1 year, will be re-evaluated Salary: $21.00/hourScheds: Normal Business Hours Responsibilities:· Review and. CONTROLLER IA $105,000 Director of Business Intelligence Kansas City $130,000 Director of Finance MO $135,000 Revenue Cycle Consulting Manager Chicago $100,000 Reimbursement Consultant Atlanta $120,000 Bil. t; Apply now” and send us your CV.

Salary: $135,000 – $145,000 per yearA little bit of us: Advanced technology enabled legally. Hiring strategies have changed since the pandemic. Learn about the process of hiring remote employees and set them up for success in 2022. r & log entry experience. Remuneration: Salary up to $90,000 and bonus 15-25%, depending on experience, competitive advantages are also. The controller directs and directs the accounting functions of an organization. Establishes and manages the organization`s general accounting systems, procedures and policies. As Controller, he leads all financial information analysis and reporting, including budgets, planning, and required submissions and reports.

Presents results and recommendations to management. In addition, controllers usually need CPAs. Requires a bachelor`s degree in accounting or finance. Usually reports to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The controller manages a business unit, business unit or business function that has a significant organizational impact. Sets the overall direction and strategic initiatives for each key function or business unit. Has acquired business acumen and leadership experience to become a high-level functional or department head. (Copyright 2022

See the full job description Meet Ash Athawale, Senior General Manager of Robert Half`s Executive Search Practice, in the latest issue of our Thought Leaders Q&A series. Title: Business Controller Location: Pawtucket RI Salary: $110-130K Based on Experience Requirements: Bachelor of Accounting or.