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Unlike products that are manufactured, then distributed and sold, hotel and salon services are simultaneously produced and consumed in a real-time environment. Sales problems therefore focus on providing services to as many potential customers as possible in a practical way. The Seven Elms Resort will have a representative at the front desk throughout the night so guests can get answers to any questions or services as needed. This flexibility is particularly attractive to business travellers. Guests can contact Seven Elms Resort by phone, fax and e-mail. After 10+ years in the industry, I`ve seen my fair share of the same hotel text mistakes over and over again – spelling mistakes, weak calls to action, cheesy buzzwords, ugh. In today`s competitive environment, formal business planning is an essential part of a company`s success. A well-written business plan is first and foremost a communication tool for obtaining financing. In some cases, especially with our start-up, this business plan also serves as a strategic plan. How exactly would you describe a hotel with a single line of text? Seven Elms Resort Hotel and Lounge is trying to tap into a fourth segment of the accommodation market. That of a “boutique” style property, upscale, mid-priced for adult couples and not marketed to families.

For its guests, the Seven Elms Resort will be positioned as a beautifully appointed new natural hotel with a unique atmosphere with a lounge bar service that fits into an adult market niche. A full range of referral services (e.g. Recommendations of restaurants, shopping, taxis, attractions of the area) is provided and adapted to the needs of each guest. This superb boutique bed and breakfast does a fantastic job balancing its upscale offerings with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Ned`s room descriptions are remarkable, not only for the atypical names, but also for the way the hotel presents the building`s “harder” quirks as selling points. Compelling descriptive content for stunning images enhances the Booker experience. Similarly, it can help encourage viewers to become bookers when they are on your hotel`s website. Individual or couple looking for hotel services. In most cases, this means that they first consider all the recommendations they know of by previous association (relative, friend or social group).

If the person or couple is new to the area or has not developed a close bond with people, they will look for an entry into the Yellow Pages or perhaps look for advertising in a newspaper. (Full disclosure, I`ve also worked with this hotel on a number of writing and blogging projects.) How will you stand out as a hotelier from other hotels? This is a list of hotels and motels in Benzie County, Michigan (from the Midwest and Ameritech directories). (Note: Other accommodations on Lake Michigan, but outside the city limits, are not included): When writing the description, make sure it`s more about the benefits your hotel can offer than all the many features your hotel can offer. Create it for your target audience based on the target content matrix. Instead of just listing their hotels, Belmond decided to create a much more engaging way to experience their hotel properties and other travel experiences: choose your own style of adventure. When it comes to descriptions, powerful and compelling stories are important – but accuracy is also important. This is important to meet guests` expectations regarding their experience at your hotel. One of the main reasons for the poor quality of online reviews is the gap between what customers booked and what they actually experienced. As a boutique hotel, personal experiences and authenticity are important. Make sure this is reflected in the descriptions of your property, destination, and experiences you describe. Describe the hotel`s leisure facilities to help guests relax.

Highlights could be leisure facilities such as spa, pool, bar, etc. An example Vice-President – Sales and Development. An $80 million subsidiary of a $3 billion public company. establishment of the new Department of Medical Services; In the third year, integrated revenues exceeded $4.5 million and employed more than 25 people. Market culture and direct sales management for all regional special services subsidiaries. Developed the region`s first comprehensive medical waste management organization by identifying and marketing an emerging range of services ranging from packaging, transportation, on-the-job training and medical waste treatment to the healthcare industry. Served all areas of the healthcare industry, from doctors` offices to major medical centers. The development costs for the creation of this new hotel services and trade fair company are listed above. These annexes are also listed in the ten-year pro forma. Pro tip: The best hotel content writers can quickly adapt to your brand`s voice – or better yet, help you create it! Remember, your branding is where your core values and ideal audience meet. Read more hotel branding tips here. Your website is the face of your hospitality industry.

You already invest a lot of budget in photography, but that doesn`t mean your words are an afterthought. Here are some examples of texts on hospitality and travel that really do things right! Honestly, I love what they`ve done here. Check out this example hotel room description below: A hypothetical behavioral sequence model for a new customer (future guest) considering a hotel and lounge service for the first time might look like this (based on discussions and interviews with potential guests): W also knows exactly who their brand is aimed at – and their hotels` websites are geared towards the ideal customer, instead of trying to appeal to the masses. Finally, the last example I want to highlight of The Proper is on their landing page. Look for vivid language that appeals to the senses of potential reservists. For example, words like calm, pampered, stress-free, lively, adventurous convey very different but specific messages more effectively. This hotel does a great job when it comes to using content to keep browsers on their site, but there are two things I want to highlight in particular: microcopying moments like this are easy. * Chefs embrace * Perfection! As a leading luxury writer for hotels, I see this type of text used to distinguish luxury brands from your regular standard hotel.

Pro tip: Every site needs a purpose. If you`re not sure what the call to action is or why you need this page, ask yourself if a detailed blog post could help you fill this content gap. More ideas for hotel blogs can be found here. The Activity of Seven Elms Resort, Inc. is the creation and funding of a 17-room hotel for adult couples that specializes in an atmosphere of escape to offer relaxation and recreation in the greater Benzie County/Lake Michigan area. Management is looking for business financial partners who share their vision and desire to participate in this exciting business opportunity in the resort community of Benzie County, Michigan. The integration of these disciplines results in extensive and innovative services in a unique Prairie-style environment for our potential clients. The Meetings & Events homepage has also been spiced up with a bit more brand personality.

While it`s a pretty ho-hum corner of most hotel websites, W gives you a glimpse of what it really feels like to host an event here, mentioning specific (and brand-specific) uses for their various functional spaces. As you explore the individual hotel and landing pages, you`ll notice that the site itself looks like a lavish and luxurious travel magazine – intentionally. While they may highlight many individual hotels, I want to point out what I think makes Belmond really good as a luxury hotel group: they put you in the actual experience of each hotel. These three hotels couldn`t be more different. These are excellent examples of high-end texts that use thoughtful and precise adjectives to describe very different environments. The work you`ve done to define the target audience, the types of travelers you`re looking for, and their expectations should determine the basic content. What does your target group want to know, feel and experience when booking your hotel? Computer programs greatly simplify financial accounting for today`s businesses. As a small business, Seven Elms Resort needs to keep a close eye on its spending. By leveraging existing software packages available in the hospitality industry, including: the room and facilities management database, bar and inventory metering systems, and room key cards that allow guests to be charged directly from their room account, this technology is designed to help management control costs. reduce cash management and maximize revenues. Seven Elms Resort will provide the necessary resources for training and operating the system to generate reports and manage inventory.