Is Nomura a Good Company to Work for

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I would recommend this company, but it needs stability Since the acquisition of Lehman, everyone knows Nomura. It enjoys a good reputation in the market and is recognized as a competitive and well-paid company. These qualities extend to your resume and help you when you search for the next position. Would suggest a change to the company by hiring more Americans It`s a great place to work with a fantastic work-life balance. Nomura is very confident in its willingness to compete in certain markets and products. They don`t fold up and try to accommodate customers just because someone asked them something. They are very sure that they want to be competitive where they have a significant advantage. Nomura Securities is ranked #33 on the list of the best financial companies to work for in New York. Zippie`s Best Workplaces lists provide unbiased, data-driven ratings from companies. The rankings are based on government and proprietary data on salaries, the company`s financial health, and employee diversity. Better to know that the work here is what you make of it.

There will be no training, no mentoring and no coddling of people. It`s your business to know your business, and they`re not there to train you for your job. Our employees today have many options when it comes to their careers and lifestyles. Nomura Group supports those who work hard to achieve these career visions. I don`t have much to compare to Nomura, but the culture is not bad. For the most part, people are friendly and accommodating. I don`t like the culture to be a little lazy; People don`t want to work as hard as Bulge Bracket Banks or some well-known shops. Nomura Securities may also be known or affiliated with NOMURA HOLDINGS, INC, Nomura, Nomura Financial Advisory & Securities (India) Pvt Ltd., Nomura Holding America Inc., Nomura Holding America Inc., Nomura Holding America, Inc., Nomura Securities and Nomura Securities International, Inc.

There is certainly a divergence in the cultural aspect of banking. U.S. departments need to be much more aware of Japanese trade customs and protocols. Great unity, sometimes processes become too slow and bureaucratic I wish I could change the way the company is organized and mechanical Collaboration between different people creates strength and flexibility. Collaborative, focus on learning, lots of training and mentoring, staff development, cross-border focus, so very international, many opportunities to change roles within the company It is a large bank globally, but still relatively small in the United States, which offers opportunities for growth. I would recommend Nomura to a friend based on the type of experience they are looking for. Nomura hours/lifestyle may be better than others, but training and transaction flow are lacking. This is not the best place to gain beginner experience as a junior banker.

Join a team of members from around the world with diverse skills and experiences that will help you discover new perspectives and values. Business-oriented but with a very conservative approach, the customer is important, but integrity and behavior come first The people in my department have made it a great place, not necessarily the company. The company usually jumps in and out of markets it doesn`t know well, and once it breaks even, it exits.