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In-person legal advice will continue even after the launch of the online program. Therefore, legal clinics can be an ideal solution if you seek legal advice from qualified professionals so that they can make more informed decisions, including the decision to hire a lawyer or skip court proceedings. Initiated by Law Society Pro Bono Services, its community legal clinics are open to Singaporeans and permanent residents who live in Singapore, have never sought legal advice and/or cannot afford a lawyer. Jamiyah`s panel of volunteer lawyers provides legal advice and advice to clients of all races on matters of family disputes, marriage, property division, etc. Jamiyah provides a free medical clinic for health needs and basic medical services to the public, specifically: As part of the partnership, members of legal clinics provide advice to NTUC members on legal issues related to personal matters, such as wills and matrimonial matters. However, trade and employment issues are excluded. Each consultation lasts 20 minutes and only oral advice is given. “It could soon be as easy as crossing the street or going to the community centre to get legal advice from our lawyers,” said Dr. Saleem. The virtual clinic, called iCounsel, will use webcams to allow lawyers – at home or in the office – to advise clients who can access the service at specific centres. The free clinic opened in 1975 and is run by a team of volunteer doctors and nurses. Legal clinics are held once a month at the NTUC Center with limited slots per session. Therefore, registration by e-mail or hotline at 8444 6209 is required.

These legal clinics are staffed by trained professionals who provide free consultations as a service to the community. To be eligible for EMS Legal Clinic service, the client does not need to have previously sought legal advice on issues and must come from low-income or disadvantaged groups or families. In addition, the EMS Legal Clinic is unable to advise on business, corporate or investment issues. These clinics operate Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays and the day before holidays), and clients can request 20 minutes of one-on-one counselling with a lawyer. A pre-appointment is required, and there is a waiting list of approximately 2-3 weeks. Both services deal with a wide range of legal issues, from matrimonial matters to tenancy issues. The clinic has served 11,200 people since it opened in 1976, when it was the first free legal clinic in Singapore. Legal issues can be complex for many people. However, hiring a lawyer for preliminary legal advice can be expensive and prohibitive for many. As a non-governmental organization working for gender equality in Singapore, the Women`s Association for Action and Research (AWARE) provides advisory services to women, including legal advice. Consultations are by appointment only, and your eligibility for free legal services is determined when you call the hotline to make an appointment. You can call the hotline at 67421211, ext.

123, to make an appointment. Currently, lawyers and clients have to travel to Jamiyah`s headquarters in Geylang, where the free one-hour clinic takes place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. One or two duty counsel see up to 10 clients at each meeting. The Law Clinic also provides free advice on Shariah-related issues through its special panel of Muslim lawyers. Speaking to the Sunday Times, he said iCounsel, which is open to all, will help meet the “noticeable increase” in demand for free legal advice from Jamiyah. He declined to give figures. Here are 5 legal clinics that offer pro bono legal clinic services for free as a service to the community. When the iCounsel portal is launched, applicants can register online for legal advice and details about the case and their preferences – for example, a lawyer who speaks Malay or Mandarin, or a lawyer familiar with Sharia law. Jamiyah has a panel of volunteer Muslim and non-Muslim lawyers; Free legal advice and advice for clients Next month, charity Jamiyah Singapore will launch its 37-year-old free legal clinic to reach more people and volunteer lawyers. There are four legal clinics in the following locations: LawWorks is a partnership between the National Congress of Trade Unions (NTUC) and the Law Society of Singapore and aims to educate members about legal rights in Singapore.

Note, however, that these clinics offer advice on personal matters and investment, business and professional matters are excluded. AWARE provides free legal clinic services to women with problems related to family law, domestic violence, Sharia and other personal issues. Sessions take place at their centre at Dover Crescent and each consultation lasts 20 to 30 minutes. It was during a review of the Legal Clinic`s program early last year that Jamiyah members felt technology could do more.