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GuardianGamer encourages positive play habits in children while bridging the gap between parent and child. During a play session, your child embarks on a fun adventure with the tutor of your choice. The tutor will support, encourage and empower the child while actively participating in the game. After the adventure, all our GuardianGamers will give you a brief overview of the game`s activities, including screenshots of the session Tipping is not necessary for guards. If you would like to show GuardianGamer your support for a job well done, please write them a positive review at the end of the session. The built-in 24-inch QHD monitor built into the Guardian Pro XP`s plan edits your videos or games in 1440p, allowing you to immerse yourself in crisp, vivid images from any angle. GuardianGamer allows you, as a parent, to join the game session just to say hello or ask if your child has been paired with the right GuardianGamer and hear what they are doing. I hope you sit in the game room for a while and have fun together, or you can even suggest joining the game session and getting involved even more. However, we recommend that you discuss this with your child first. Each Guardiangamer is verified with several evaluation steps, including an onboarding interview with one of our certifiers. There, all GG-ers are asked about their moral compass and skills so that they can facilitate these online sessions appropriately. At GuardianGamer, we aim for security first when it comes to choosing who can become a verified GuardianGamer on our platform. Some of the steps to becoming a GuardianGamer include: identity check and a background check.

Currently, there is no way to cancel a session once it has been booked. However, if a parent or guardian does not accept the booking, you are free to request a session from another guardian using the “Find a guardian” function. If a parent or guardian accepts a session and does not show up for the booked session, please contact us at On the home page, click the Search Guards button. Adjust the filter to search by specific date, price, or game. Select the caretaker that suits you best and click on their profile. Now enter a date and click on the “Booking Request” button (you can find it on the right side of a GuardianGamer profile under “Book a session with…” »). You will receive a confirmation when the legal guardian accepts the reservation. Click your GuardianGamer icon in the upper-right corner, select Edit Guardian Profile from the drop-down menu, and then select Availability. You can change this at any time. Your child can play with their friends as before, but their friends can`t participate in conversations in the GG chat room. We encourage your child to invite their friends to become a GuardianGamer user as well, as in the future we may add a way to invite a friend to your game session for existing GuardianGamer users.

Send us an email and report the name of the legal guardian and/or the situation. All major online gaming platforms are supported. However, most of the games we believe are cross-platform, so you may find yourself in a situation where your child has chosen a GuardianGamer that doesn`t support the combination of play and platform of your choice. You can always send an additional message to the GuardianGamer to check if there might be a problem if you know that this game is not cross-platform. Your GuardianGamer profile reflects your personality and self-marketing tool. Photos of some of your gamer achievements, games you monitor, preferred hourly rates, and platforms you monitor are some of the things required in your Guardian profile. Tell us if you have any new ideas, we`ll look into them to develop the feature you suggest. Lol At this point, once a GuardianGamer has accepted a session, there is no way to cancel it. However, if GuardianGamer has not accepted the session, you can cancel the request. We are working to allow sessions to be cancelled 2 hours in advance, just in case you are unable to meet your scheduled play time, for example due to an emergency or if your child is sick. Please email our admin in, and we will evaluate the booking.

The ultimate personal gaming environmentt️ of GAEMS Guardian️. Intentional design and engineering for professional gamers, serious streamers, and content creators. Uncompromising critical features, quality and form, earning it the GAEMS Pro XP label. Premium gaming panel 24″ Qhd 60Hz IPS. Exclusive GAEMS dynamic sound tage️ with surround processor, 12W power amplifier, 9W digitally adjustable chamber speakers and passive subwoofers. Media center with 3X USB ports and built-in HDMI output for connecting to streaming devices or sharing display. Patented TSA-compatible hard shell housing with space for cables and controllers. Our history Our previous products like the Vanguard have served legions of players around the world, but it`s time to pass the torch and usher in the Guardian era. GAEMS listened to our community wanted a portable solution that could keep pace with today`s gaming demands. With a larger 5″ monitor with four times the pixel count of our flagship Vanguard, the Guardian has been designed to be the ultimate handheld gaming experience.

Professional-inspired content creators wanted more options to mount microphones, nights, cameras, and charge their accessories. Professionals said they needed an HDMI output to be able to transfer their gameplay to an additional recording device or screen.