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Many states do not allow piranhas to be conserved, mainly because they can survive on their own in warmer climates. If you have a piranha in Florida, it means you have a special permit to do so. However, popular species are known to be very aggressive. Of the 20 known species, only a few are known to be dangerous. The most aggressive piranhas are the red-bellied piranha (Pygogcentrus nattereri) and the black piranha. In swarms, the piranha attacks its prey and grazes the flesh of large animals such as anaconda snakes or even jaguars in a few minutes. The 1 lb 4 oz catch has been identified as a red-bellied piranha, whose diet consists mainly of fish, insects and worms. In any case, it is very possible to keep a piranha, and many experienced aquarists are known to do it successfully. Many have even claimed that they are not as difficult or dangerous to hold if done correctly. Paul Foot, president of the Folkestone and Shepway Fishing Club, said someone had been seen emptying a trash can in the pond the week before the piranha was caught. Dennis Day has been caring for piranhas in aquariums for over 25 years and is co-trustee of the UK Piranha Forum. Also, keeping an aggressive piranha in a home aquarium requires caution.

That`s because you don`t want an exciting audience to get too close or try to play with them. Some piranhas are known to hit the glass side of an aquarium when a finger or hand lingers on it for a while. So, if you really like to have a piranha in your tank, there are a number of things you need to know about them in order to be fully prepared for the task and rid myths of facts. Would you recommend the Rotbauchart Piranha to newcomers? Some suppliers would sell it for more, and that`s because the red-bellied piranha is known as the wildest piranha species. This could make it a bit rare and therefore expensive. Some places have the red-bellied piranha for up to $500. To date, however, there is no record of wild piranhas killing a human. Your aquarium would definitely look more exciting if you could keep a piranha and feed it to maturity. This is crucial, as the cost of maintaining and caring for piranhas is too high to let them die or live in inappropriate conditions. However, it`s also possible that you could get it for less, perhaps if the owner tries to get rid of it.

Before you buy a red-bellied piranha, make sure you know how to care for it and stay safe with it. Also, make sure that you are able to provide the required plan. Experts say that even if piranhas would not survive in British rivers, the introduction of non-native species poses a serious threat to native wildlife. Although piranhas are traded under both names, Fink examined more than 100 specimens from different parts of the Amazon and Río-Paraguay watersheds and could not find consistent features that could be used to define them by origin. Ben Weir, Angler`s Mail magazine`s qualified fisheries scientist, said today: “From the photographic evidence I`ve seen, I believe this is a red-bellied piranha. Well, if you are bold enough or have been involved in aquariums for a while, then a piranha could be a good pet for you. But it can be quite a task, especially if the species you have is of the wild type and you are trying not to get bitten. Many people consider this incredulous, but it`s really possible if you feel like them. If you own piranhas in any of the following states, you are doing something illegal. These conditions include; Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia or Washington.

In fact, they don`t have tough demands on food or water conditions as long as you know what they need. In fact, there are about twenty known species of piranhas and only four or five of them are known to be pests. Thus, all species of piranhas are prohibited from importing, transporting or detaining California without a permit. Some hobbyists keep their piranhas in bare-bottomed tanks to make it easier to suck up uneaten food, but standard gravel or aquarium sand are both suitable substrates. Other decorations are mainly due to personal taste, but plants can be eaten, especially if the fish decide to spawn. Lighting is relatively insignificant. Two piranhas have been found dead in a fish lake in Yorkshire. They are quite large and can reach 4 to 8 inches at maturity. Therefore, the aquarium should be large enough to hold the number of fish you want to have.