The client

This is one of my concept projects, where I want to show my clients what I can do for them. That means that this website wasn’t created by a request, but just with imagination. I hope you like it.

The goal

My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a personal blog can look. I took the most common features of a personal blog and created my own design. I paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colours, fonts and backgrounds matched each other.



The website has one main page and one page for all events. is full of pictures of the latest events. I started with a color orange created out of the logo. Then I combined the font I chose and made it match all the content on the pages. The website resulted in a clean, modern-looking, but also friendly online space.

The Photo Gallery Section

They wanted to show all images the was taking from all event they already mad. 

The Recent Event Section

They wanted to show all  new event and you can see more.

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Discover other projects