Primobolan features and dosage

Primobolan injectable is a very popular steroid. Buy it for use during the period of preparation for competitions. Also, the drug will be useful in weight gain courses. Negative reactions from consuming the drug are minimal.

Ordering primobolan is a great option for someone who is set on gaining quality muscle mass. Yes, the muscle will not increase to fantastic size, but it will not come off after the end of the course either. Buying primobolan is a way to gently get rid of fat deposits and outline muscle. Combining it with testosterone will improve results.

Primobolan injectable is non-toxic. It is popular with beginners and is excellent as a first anabolic with a moderate effect, it has a low androgenic activity. Its properties are similar to the effects of boldenone consumption. Very popular with the weaker sex. Go to this link to learn more information about the useful properties of primobolan.

Why Buy Primobolan Injection

The drug is not characterized by aromatization, although it is also characterized by fluid retention in small amounts. Most often it is ordered for use in the process of drying and effective muscle shaping, but at the same time, buying a steroid can be counted on:

  • Acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • an increase in strength performance;
  • burning excess fat;
  • no kickback;
  • Preservation of the acquired muscle mass – firm, relief and excellent definition.

The gain of muscle mass will not impress the imagination, but its quality will pleasantly surprise. Gynecomastia and swelling can not be afraid, because the drug is not converted to estrogens.

Negative reactions

Buying primobolan at an affordable price, you can avoid many unpleasant effects. This steroid is considered one of the safest. Often it brings harm only in cases of violation of the rules of intake and dosage norms. Then the consumer expects:

  • decreased testosterone production;
  • hypertrophy of the prostate;
  • increased arousal;
  • sudden aggression;
  • atrophy of the testicles.

Such reactions are possible, but completely unnecessary even if you violate the recommendations, but consultation with a specialist is a must before starting any course.

Primobolan injection super price does not increase blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Features of Primobolan use

A popular anabolic, men often take up to 400 mg per week, and women take no more than 100 mg. The average duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. Athletes consume no more than 300 mg per week, while weightlifters, in combination with heavy anabolics, may choose to inject and 800 mg.

Experienced athletes combine the steroid with other drugs. Ideally, there should not be more than two. In this case, the initial dosage is reduced by at least half, so as not to have a negative impact on safety and to increase the positive effect.

Quite often primobolan for injection is combined with sustanon, oxandrolone, and testosterone. Given the slight retention of water in the tissues, it is best to replace primobolan with winstrol prior to competition. Thus, the drying will bring a higher result.

Recovery therapy begins a couple of weeks after the end of the course. To restore testosterone production, clomid or tamoxifen can be used.

Before consuming any steroid, consult a specialist. He will help you decide on the best form of the drug, determine the required dose and calculate the duration of the course. You will discuss with him the possibility of combinations and peculiarities of the recovery period.

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