Strange Laws in Montana

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We`ve compiled a list of eight strange laws from Montana and the state`s various county jurisdictions. Like other states in the United States, some of the laws in the great state of Montana are, quite simply, breathtaking. Why is it illegal to pretend to abuse an animal in front of a minor child? We don`t know, but. All right. It is also a crime – a misdemeanor – to show films that depict criminal crimes. So, would it make it a crime to watch a movie about how illegal it is to watch crime movies? We need answers, Montana. In addition, no one is allowed to breed rats as pets. We don`t know why either, but you`ll never take our adorable fluffy friends with us. And, probably the most humorous of all, it`s illegal to “worry squirrels,” and we kind of want to know why it had to become law from the beginning. Thus.

How many of these laws have you broken? What strange laws in Montana have we missed? Tell us about it in the comments! If you have ideas for a future article, be sure to submit it using this form. You never know: maybe one day your ideas will come to life in an article! They actually have a page dedicated to Montana and some of the really weird laws associated with the state. Want to see the full list of laws? Visit for other laws in other states! However, these strange laws are not limited to Montana. Other states have their share of weird rules, so this list shouldn`t stop you from visiting the Mountain State. You can laugh, roll your eyes, but at the end of the day, you have to follow the law. We`ve all heard of these weird state laws that every state has, well, Montana is not exempt. In fact, there are some that will certainly make you shake your head and ask, “What were you thinking?” Montana`s cities and rural communities really take the cake for the strangest laws. In Helena, you can get a fine if you throw something on a city street (via Only in Your State).

The same community plays Frisbee golf after dark and does not allow spinning water sprinklers when tap water reaches sidewalks or streets (via Stupid Laws). This would not be the first time the state`s constitution has been the subject of controversy. Over the years, state legislators have managed to pass some pretty crazy laws that would amaze you at the situation or event that led to its passage. For example, it is illegal to bring a grenade, bomb, rocket or other high-calibre weapon to a council meeting in the town of Billings. Laws are supposed to bring peace, order and justice. But what if the laws are weird, weird, or just plain crazy? Montana has a number of strange laws. Well, you can be the judge of these 20 strange Montana laws. But be careful not to break any of them despite their oddity! Let`s take a closer look at some of the strangest laws the Treasury could still enforce. Montana is a beautiful state with plenty to see and admire, as well as ridiculously beautiful scenery.

But did you know that Montana is also a strange place? It`s true! It`s not hard to find many examples of why it`s a bit weird there, and we`ve rounded up some of our favorites for this handy paragraph about dandies. For example, did you know that a “huckleberry” is a real thing and grows in Montana? Now you do. It is also home to the “shortest river” in the world, which is simply strangely wonderful. It is also home to far too many alleged UFO sightings for our comfort. Need some stranger things about Montana in the form of strange things that happened here? Check out this article on eight incredibly bizarre events! Ten of Montana`s weirdest, stupidest, and strangest laws. Because our legal code is a living, breathing system, over time it will result in the modification or removal of outdated state and local government rules and regulations. But as you can see from some of the laws described here, it is important that our legal texts are regularly reviewed and even revised so that the judicial system is more in line with the values represented by today`s cultural norms and values. Stupid Laws compiled stranger laws for us in Montana. Look at her.

The following laws are some of the weirdest, craziest, and stupidest laws in the state of Montana! A few are even here in Billings. Enjoy! How do these crazy laws end up in books? More importantly, how do they stay there? Every state has a few weird “rules” that probably never need to be enforced, and Montana is no exception. Most of these laws are so outdated that our local legislators probably don`t even know they exist! These strange laws in Montana are here to stay. for some reason. Strange as these laws may seem, many of them have served at some point in the history of these communities. Aside from misogynists and racists, most people laugh a little when they see what is now considered legal nonsense were actual laws and may still be in books. While almost none of them would actually be enforced, we can laugh at the thought of getting a ticket for a band member who leaves the stage in the middle of a show (via Trivia Sharp). With a smaller population and nearly 90% of its counties considered a border (pro Sunlight Living), you wouldn`t think Montana would be a noteworthy state when it comes to pointing out strange laws. You may be surprised to learn that this remote state does indeed have a surplus of state laws and local ordinances that most of us would find unusual, to say the least. While I`ve certainly seen states with stranger laws, perhaps we should consider changing a few. Especially fishing.

Like many old laws, some are simply misogynistic. It is only in your state that we inform that it is illegal for a woman to open her husband`s mail. This is considered a criminal offense! Married women in Montana are not allowed to fish without a male escort on Sundays. And single women are not allowed to go fishing at all. According to reports, sexual intercourse is only legal in Montana if it is practiced in the recognized “missionary position.” In Montana – No object can be thrown across a street. In Helena, it is forbidden for anyone to place a rotating fountain, hose or lawn sprinkler in such a way that water from it is thrown onto a street or sidewalk, much to the chagrin of passers-by. 10. In Whitehall, you are not allowed to travel with ice axes on the tyres of your vehicle. Don`t even think about bringing a missile or bomb to a city council meeting. It is a crime to do so.

In other places? We have no idea. 7. In the state of Montana, you must have a chaperone if you drive a sheep. Maybe if the sheep get lost in Montana or ruin other people`s day. For this reason, it is illegal to allow a sheep to remain in the cab of your truck without an attendant. That`s according to a report from HowStuffWorks. Keep the sheep company! It is illegal to play the game “Folf” at night. I`m not really based on Folf`s story, it seems like it`s a newer game, so it would probably be a newer law. I am not sure I understand the reasoning. Anyone convicted of this crime will be incarcerated in a state prison for a period of at least 2 years or more than 20 years and cannot be fined up to $50,000 or both. The city of Montana takes the feelings of its residents seriously. You can`t get angry.

Watch this video with other things you need to know before visiting Montana. (b) torture, mutilate or sacrifice, in fact or by simulation, an animal or a person in the presence of the minor. Have you ever wondered if it`s illegal to be a worried squirrel? Well, if you`re a squirrel in Excelsior Springs, this is it! In Montana, no object can be thrown across the street.