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It is virtually impossible for a for-profit company to get an unpaid intern without running the risk of being sued, if it is wrong to hire an unpaid intern in a for-profit corporation, it should also be wrong to hire one with a non-profit. The only difference for them is that the interns are unpaid and are temporary. Consultant. Or an outside contractor could also work. Contracts do not always mean payment. Nglish: Translation of Internship for Spanish speakers For example, if a student from a prestigious institute is doing an internship, in his field of interest, say statistics, one can use “research intern specializing in data analysis” or another term “flowery” that emphasizes the area of interest. In the legal world, law firms use the term “summer employees” to refer to summer articling students who are in law school. This positions the term as slightly less than a simple junior lawyer (i.e. a “partner”), but perhaps a slightly higher status than an alternative term like “summer articling student.” In American English, it is difficult to find an alternative to “internal”. The most effective and common way to increase the status of such a position is to add descriptors to the position title before the word “internal”.

For example, “research intern” or “operations management intern”. These at least show that the organization thought about the position and therefore probably expected something more from the individual than coffee. “The young doctor is doing an internship at the medical center this year” Well, calling an intern an intern is the best option available. In countries like India, “intern” has a higher value than “fellow” or “assistant”. Applying global thinking here, it would be better to have the right word in front of an intern. It`s highly specialized, but our high finance interns are called Mountbattens. You come from top universities and work in this role for 6 months to a year after graduation. I`m sure it`s a bit late, but in my work we use the word “companion,” like in a community.

In my experience with interns, they have a hard time convincing people to call them back when they have the title “intern.” For Asian immigrants, the racial argument at the time was: “It doesn`t matter if you were born in the United States or not, Asians as a race are not assimilable. They are diametrically opposed to us Americans,” was the argument used to intern Japanese citizens. It was the denial of citizenship in favor of race: “The ability to become Americans, the ability to assimilate, they just didn`t have it.” (Donald Trump) showed a very superficial knowledge of history by suggesting that this might be a good thing to do to intern Japanese Americans, the anti-refugee rhetoric he described during the election campaign and continued to use during his presidency made me realize that he was setting the tone in this country of intolerance. “Internship.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 30. September 2022. “During World War II, the Japanese were interned in camps in the West” In the financial world, I saw a similar logic when summer interns were called “summer analysts.” I entered Major League Baseball as an intern and after decades of determination, Major League Baseball is the honor of my career leading the Miami Marlins as general manager. When I got into this business, it seemed unlikely that a woman would lead a major league team, but I persist in pursuing my goals. My goal now is to bring the baseball championship to Miami.

I am both humble and looking forward to continuing to build the winning culture that our fans expect and deserve. Intern, mentee, intern, intern, intern, intern, student, apprentice, student, intern, intern, intern, probationary period Zach Terwilliger has a strong record that any prosecutor would be proud of, rising through the ranks of the Eastern District of Virginia from summer intern to deputy U.S. attorney general. Intern is a fairly discreet job. If they are volunteers, call them volunteers. It is equally descriptive and has the added benefit of being a clear asset in the game of social climbing. (Interns are there for themselves, volunteers are there to help others.) an advanced or medical graduate with supervised practical experience (“houseman” is a British term) Call them what you would call the “normal people” in your home. I would still use intern in the job posting (because it seems like that`s what the job is), but if they start working and you don`t want them to be unfairly discriminated against, change the job title. It`s a bit old-fashioned a word, but what about “apprentice”? This implies that the person has talent and is in the hands of someone who will help them realize the underlying potential. The job title doesn`t have to reflect the salary they take or don`t take, just give them an assistant title. If your volunteers have certain locations, call them “Volunteer X,” such as “Volunteer Barista.” Otherwise, there are not many ways to apply lipstick on a pig. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of other definitions and advanced searches – ad-free!.