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From business planning and governance, to the protection and legal soundness of all assets, to the transfer of assets to the next generation, the creation of W Law Group inspired LC. Don began his legal career in 1987 and has been helping businesses and entrepreneurs, and Brent has been practicing almost exclusively in the broad area of estate planning since 2005. Don and Brent have used their wisdom and experience to help their clients create, grow, protect and/or transfer all types of wealth to the next generation. We provide legal services to help you build and protect your business and assets, now and for future generations. Being arrested and charged with a crime can be an extremely traumatic experience, but facing the tough legal battle of that arrest can be even worse. Immediately hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is one of the most important things to do when prosecuting. “We really enjoyed working with Brent. He treated us like friends, not just customers, and was interested in our lives. He was very thorough and explained things in a way that we could understand. We appreciated any help he gave us to build our trust. » We can help you solve the problems associated with owning a business. From new business start-ups such as LLCs and incorporations to business planning and proper protection of your assets. We provide services for business unit compliance, buying and selling businesses, changes in ownership or inventory, contracts and agreements, disputes with suppliers, employees or customers, and help you structure your business in a meaningful way to grow and ultimately sell your business.

When the unexpected happens, you need someone by your side who not only fights vigorously for you, but also someone who knows the system inside and out. Our clients range in age from 18 (who understand the importance of powers of attorney) to 99 (as of 2020). We place particular emphasis on estate planning for seniors, including veterans, who may be eligible for VA benefits. Estate planning is about taking care of those you love and protecting what you have. Each client has a different family dynamic and unique circumstances. That`s why “cookie-cutter” estate plans are rarely a good idea and why we believe estate planning requires a conversation to discover and refine goals before releasing the toolkit to create the framework needed to ensure your goals are best achieved. W Law Firm deals with criminal law, family law, personal injury and wills, trusts and estates. The aim of all the questions boils down to one thing: regulation is not an option. W Law Firm represents clients throughout the state of Arizona, from Phoenix to Tucson, everything in between and in the surrounding area.

View W Law Group, LC`s Better Business Bureau Rating & Accreditation Act states that a person arrested for a crime is “innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, the criminal justice system does not always work that way. It is often up to the accused to prove his innocence. This arduous task can be overwhelming, and in most cases, a defendant is persuaded to take the easier route through advocacy. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to stand up to the state and fight for your freedom is not only necessary, but also essential to achieve the best possible outcome.