What Does Legal Steward Mean

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before the 12th century, in the sense defined in sense 1 This word refers to a man appointed in place or in the place of another, and usually designates a principal official in his jurisdiction. Chestnut. Land manager. See COUNTRY. Director of a manor. An important officer who has the general direction of all medico-legal matters related to the mansion of which he is the administrator. He has the same relationship with the lord of the mansion as a sub-sheriff is with the sheriff. Cowell. Administrators from all over England. In the old English law.

An officer with various powers; among other things, presiding over the peer trial. Steward of Scotland. An officer of the utmost dignity and confidence. He administered the revenues of the crown, supervised the affairs of the house, and had the privilege of occupying the first place of the army alongside the king on the day of the battle. It is from this function that the House of Stuart received its name. But the post was sunk during his ascension to the throne and has never been reinstated since. Bell. The steward is a fisherman – a fisherman who is very useful as a meteorological prophet.

The steward, a young mulatto, had developed the bad habit of drinking too much alcohol. Offensive or not, Hofstede truly believes in the power of culture – so much so that he remains the custodian of a massive research project started more than 50 years ago by his late father. “You made yourself famous by rowing on the boat,” one steward told him. He encourages young people of color, stewards of the environment and “outdoor guides” by helping them feel as comfortable on trails, in state parks and nature preserves as they do in their neighborhoods. The hospital is run by a steward appointed by the governor and managed by the Order of St. Francis. And so, to some extent, he wanted to be an environmentalist. If you claim to be the guardian of a democratic transition, you never react to madness with more madness. “Give us a table upstairs alone,” Nigel said to the colonel, squeezing something into his hand. In the United States, such experiments are usually funded by the NIH, the country`s main administrator for biomedical research. When stewardship first appeared in English in the Middle Ages, it functioned as a job description of the office of a steward or manager of a large house. Over the centuries, its scope of reference has expanded to include supervision of courts, workers` unions, university canteens, Masonic lodges and many other organizations.

In recent years, the long-standing sense of stewardship of “management” has acquired a positive meaning, “prudent and responsible management.” This meaning is often found today in contexts such as “responsibility for the environment, the family business”, etc. It also sometimes appears as an adjective in phrases such as “stewardship fundraising” (i.e., fundraising to build good relationships with donors to keep them loyal). Bill Clinton seems to be playing a similar role for liberals — a new president they can see as a successful economic administrator. On board the train, guests can expect high-end amenities such as multi-course dinners and 24-hour steward service. He also believes that a rancher`s job is to be a steward of the land, not just someone who manages the livestock. The most important thing people can do to protect public lands and keep avenues open is to be good stewards by staying on the path. Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. This word refers to a man appointed in or in place of another, and usually refers to a senior official in his jurisdiction.